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Couriers to Canada

If you decide to use Parcelabc’s services, your packet will be handed over to one of the courier companies making intercontinental deliveries from the UK. With Parcelabc, the choice is in your hands. You get to decide which of the many available couriers will handle your shipment. We offer the best rates from various companies that provide service of door to door or drop-off deliveries to Canada.

International and especially intercontinental shipping from the United Kingdom to Canada becomes a lot easier with a reliable and trustworthy partner handling your postage. If you want to get the best prices, fill in the quote on our website and get a calculation along with a comparison between the services and postage prices. There will be numerous options, offered by numerous companies.

Shipping over the Atlantic Ocean requires fuel efficient planes or huge freightliners with large cargo capacity. That is what’s needed in order for the shipment not to become super-expensive. Make a decision and choose a trustworthy service provider in order to be sure that your delivery will be safely delivered in Canada, by also being cheap and quick. Parcelabc can be that service provider for you.

We would like to issue a reminder that other couriers have their own rules regarding parcel acceptance and each company follows an individual set of guidelines, which we recommend getting familiar with before sending something unusual with another service provider. With Parcelabc you get all of the information instantly. If something remains unclear, you just need to ask us and we will provide all of the necessary answers for your postage to Canada needs.

Use the tracking number which you can input on ours and the courier’s website to look at the current location and status of the shipment. Tracking number will be issued by the courier at the moment of parcel collection. Parcelabc has your shipment travelling from the UK to Canada at a cheap rate.

Express courier postage deliveries to Canada are a bit more expensive, but you are choosing a competent service provider to deliver your parcel to its destination a lot faster. If you are out of time and falling behind a schedule or a deadline, this is the service to choose. You can also ask us questions regarding express deliveries by emailing us to get all answers regarding courier services to Canada.

The shipment will then be taken by the courier and travel to the recipient’s destination. Depending on the shipment conditions, the parcel will arrive at the post office or the recipient’s door accordingly to the information given by the courier and seen in the quote. Parcels sometimes travel to the Northern parts of the United States first, then are re-directed to Canada afterwards but in terms of length, this route won’t create any unconventional delays, only makes the process cheaper.

Courier services to Canada can also be double-insured. How can you do that? Parcelabc offers an optional service to insure your package which you are going to send from the UK. If you are sending something valuable financially or precious emotionally, we would really suggest that you insure it. Courier companies posting to Canadian territory also take responsibility to deliver the package just as they received it, so it works as a double layer of protection from both the delivery service and Parcelabc.

Our team closely works with the courier network to not only get the best shipping rates from the UK to Canada, but also to allow the customer to have the freedom of choice. By including the most reliable service providers we can be sure that the right decision is going to be made by the customer, after they conclude a thorough comparison. The courier companies we work with are reputable, experienced and competent in the delivery and postage to Canada areas.

As mentioned before, the final price for the parcel to be delivered from the UK to Canada is going to be shown in the quote. Couriers make their offers depending on the parcel dimensions, final destination and its distance from the origin destination, and some other factors. Since there are a lot of couriers operating between the hockey-crazed Canada and football-loving UK, you can be sure that you are going to find a very satisfying deals.