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Parcelabc can help you deliver your parcel to the land of Maple syrup. Are you looking for ways to ship your parcel to the second largest country in the world - Canada? Luckily, Parcelabc can offer you lots of delivery options. When you need to send a parc

el from the UK to the largest country in the Northern American Continent, we provide many opportunities to choose from. Whether you want to send a Chelsea football jersey to your relatives in Toronto or real English tea to your business associates in Vancouver, our job is to help you find the simplest and cheapest shipping methods.

By trusting Parcelabc you know that the freight will travel with the best service provider. Parcelabc are constantly making sure that you have a wide variety of options in deliveries to Canada from the UK. Whether the parcel is intended as a gift or if it is a business document to your partners, we can help you find cheapest and quickest ways to post your packets. Whichever Canadian destination requires delivery, we will have your parcels shipped and delivered on time.

In order to evade any possible incidents or spending too much money on the shipment to Canada, the obvious choice is to trust a reliable postage partner – Parcelabc. After you have successfully filled out the quote, we will provide you with the accurate numerical data about how much is it going to cost you to ship your parcel to Canada from the United Kingdom. Found a cheaper offer? Share it with us and we will match it!

Browse the generated list to find out more about cheap and quick ways to transport a parcel from the UK to Canada. Strong historical and cultural ties between the two countries also create a huge demand for shipment and door to door deliveries. By reading the information here on Parcelabc you know that our deliveries to Canada are both quick and safe.

Posting to North America from the UK is mostly done by airmail. Shipping in its true sense is still prominent, but only used with larger objects, such as cars and furniture comprising most of the deliveries made by sea to Canada. Your parcel will most likely travel by air and then be loaded onto a truck once it is closer to the destination point.

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  • shipping
  • postage
  • delivery

Parcelabc excels in making great decisions and finding valuable and client satisfying deals in all of these four catgeories. We also take pride by letting the customer decide on how he or she wants to ship the parcel(s) to Canada: we wish to become a reliable partner in the fields of deliveries from the United Kingdom to Canada.

How to know what is the price and what the costs will be to send a parcel to Canada?

The prices differ depending on your particular parcel. Route length, weight and dimensions are all taken into account before companies can give you concrete offers. Items which are valued at 60 Canadian dollars or less are duty and tax exempt. They can be labelled as gifts, so you can fit into this value range to reduce costs. 

What is the cheapest way to deliver my package to Canada from the UK?

Since Canada is close to the USA, lot of US based companies also operate in Canada. Naturally, the choices of delivery methods are plentiful, out of the many given offers you can select the cheapest or the quickest. The cheapest option will be clearly visible in the quote.

Postage to Canada from the UK: what can I send to Canada in a parcel?

Canada Post has a list named “Non-mailable matter” which includes the list of all the items that are either restricted or forbidden to be imported into Canada. These include: firearms, tobacco and electronic cigarettes, poisonous or infectious materials, live animals and etc. Items which are valued below 60 Canadian Dollars in value can be named gifts and thus you can avoid paying import tax. Items such as: tobacco, intoxicating beverages, ads, b2c postage cannot be classified as gifts and thus are taxed.


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